• A group life insurance plan that covers borrowers up to the amount specified in the loan or any outstanding balance.

  • For borrowers aged 18 to 65 years old.

  • Loans covered include: Real Estate Loans, Housing Loans, Motor Vehicle Loans and other long-term loans. 

Granting a loan is always an obligation and risk, especially a long-term loan of a larger scale. As a bank or financial/lending institution, we understand that you are constantly taking chances. That’s why we have our Mortgage Redemption Insurance. At Paramount, we know that with every loan that you approve of, you are helping someone buy their house, their car, or whatever major purchase that they desire. We also know that sometimes you might need a back-up plan, in case life throws in something unexpected and you find yourself without source for repayment.
Our Group Mortgage Redemption Insurance plan provides reliable life coverage in the amount of the loan you specify or any outstanding balance owed to you. For once, let us take a chance on you.
  • Life coverage equivalent to the amount of the specified loan or outstanding balance.
  • For clients aged 18 to 65 years old.
  • Must be in good health at the time of application.
  • Must be actively-at-work.
  • Real Estate Loans.
  • Motor Vehicle Loans.
  • Housing Loans.
  • Other such long-term loans.*

*For more information on other long-term loans that the plan might cover, please contact us.