• Liability insurance for businesses, companies and other establishments.

  • Provides Premises Operation coverage.

  • Extensions offered: Food Poisoning, Elevators/Escalators Hazard and more.

In the owning, managing and maintaining of any business or company, there are many responsibilities and aspects that must be thought of and considered.  Among these are keeping your assets and equipment safe from unexpected, external variables.

The fact of the matter is that accidents do happen. People make mistakes, equipment can malfunction and sometimes life throws in illness and the unknown. At Paramount, we understand the nuances and unique requirements that you may need to secure all the aspects of your establishment.  Let us help you protect your business and assets from things outside your control with Paramount's Comprehensive General Liability Insurance.

Liability insurance protects the insured against legal obligation to other persons for bodily injury or property damage incurred by such other person (or general public) resulting from the negligence of the insured in connection with the conduct of his business.


Premises Operation (Basic Cover).

  • Covers liability claims in connection with the use, maintenance, and ownership of the premises occupied by the insured.

Food Poisoning. 

  • Covers liability of the insured in respect to poisoning of any kind arising from the food or drinks sold and consumed within the insured’s premises.

Elevators/Escalators Hazard. 

  • Covers liability of the insured in connection with the use and operation of elevators and/or escalators within the insured premises.

*Depending on the nature of your business, other required extensions are available.