Money, Securities and Payroll Robbery



  • Protects your business against losses due to robbery, hold-ups and burglary.

As a business owner, you work hard to keep your business maintained and managed as smoothly as possible. For all the efforts and financial risks taken, it is sharply unjust  that all businesses are in danger of being robbed of what they have earned for their dedication.

That is why Paramount offers Money, Securities and Payroll Robbery-- to help alleviate the financial consequences of theft. 


This type of insurance protects the insured against loss of money, securities and payroll due to robbery, hold-up, and burglary within the insured’s premises while contained in a locked safe or vault and while outside premises or while in transit in the personal charge of your authorized employee within the declared money routes.

  1. Mysterious disappearance or unexplained losses.
  2. Shortage due to error and omission.
  • Duly accomplished and signed Application Form.