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  • A CTPL product that provides Limited Own Damage Cover against car-to-car collision with identified Third Party Vehicle.

  • Flexibility of amount of coverage

  • With optional additional protection for Excess Bodily Injury, Property Damage, Auto Passenger Personal Accident Paramount Assist

Nowadays, due to the expensive cost of a comprehensive cover, vehicle owners tend to just get the basic insurance so that they can meet the requirements for car registration.

But what if you have an older car and don’t want to pay too much for an insurance? What if you have a second car that you dont use as often and want to have it insured? What if on your way to work a jeepney accidentally hits your car? Who will pay for your vehicle’s damage? Surely a compulsory insurance will not respond to this type of situation.

Which is why Paramount is introducing CTPL Plus. A specialized CTPL product that allows you to choose the coverage you can afford while providing the protection for your own vehicle.


Compulsory Third Party Liability (CTPL) – pays for expenses incurred as a result of the vehicle owner’s causing bodily injury or death to any third party in an accident arising from the use of the insured motor vehicle.


CTPL Plus is a flexible and fully customizable coverage that provides Own Damage Cover against car-to-car collision.

  • No pre-inspection required

  • Customizable amount of coverage 20%, 40% or 100% based on the unit’s Fair Market Value

  • Provides Own Damage Cover ​payment against loss or damage to the Scheduled Vehicle due to and caused solely by accidental collision with another identified motor vehicle.


Excess Bodily Injury

  • Reimburse all expenses actually paid by the insured to discharge liability in excess of the Limits of Liability under Section I and II (CTPL).

Property Damage

  • Pay all the necessary expenses to discharge liability of the insured in respect of damage to Third Party Property provided that the insured's liability shall have first been determined.

Auto Passenger Personal Accident

  • Reimburse all expenses actually paid by the insured in respect to bodily injuries caused by an accident whilst driving and riding the insured vehicle.
Paramount Assist
  • 24/7 road assistance service that will take care of you and your vehicle in case of emergency situations
*Acts of Nature like Earthquake, Typhoon and Flood are not covered

• Vehicles Private Use only (i.e. sedans, SUV’s, pick-ups, vans).

• FB vans, delivery vans and trucks are not qualified.

• Age of vehicles should not exceed 8 years.

• Insurance term should coincide with the ending number of the vehicle’s license plate.