• Specifically designed for small and medium-sized business establishments.

  • Coverage includes fire and allied perils, and loss accrued by robbery, burglary and employee dishonesty.


Being a business owner is both a brave and ambitious endeavour. Responsibilities are both serious and challenging and at times it can feel like you are shouldering the burden without a safety net. In an unpredictable world and economic climate, unexpected events that result in unfortunate circumstances can be just one burden too many.

Let us be your safety net !

Take charge of securing your investments through Paramount’s Business Owner’s Insurance Package, specifically designed for small and medium-sized establishments.

Enjoy flexibility and wide coverage through protection against fire and allied perils, as well as loss of money due to burglary, robbery and the dishonesty of its employees. The BOIP also extends to cover your employees against accidental death or death due to natural causes.

The BOIP comes in several variations that provide customized insurance protection befitting the specific needs of varied business operations.

     SECTION 1

Property Insurance. Covers against property damage caused by:

  • Fire and/or lightning.
  • Earthquake fire and shock.
  • Typhoon.
  • Flood.
  • Explosion.
  • Smoke damage.
  • Falling aircraft.
  • Vehicle impact.
  • Riot, strike, and malicious damage.
  • Sprinkler leakage.
  • Bursting and/or overflowing of water tanks, apparatuses or pipes.
       SECTION 2

Additional Coverage.

  • Money Securities and Payroll Robbery.
  • Personal Accident Insurance. Additional cover for Php50,000.00:
    • 10% Medical Reimbursement.
    • 10% Burial Expense Benefit.
    • 50% Unprovoked Murder and Assault.
    • Php50,000 Group Yearly Renewal Term (GYRT) per person.
    • Fidelity Guarantee Insurance.
       SECTION 3

Public Liability.

Pays for actual loss which the insured may be legally obligated to pay to third parties due to bodily injury or property damage arising from the insured’s business operations, up to Php500,000, plus additional coverage for:

  • Garage Keepers.
  • Car Park Liability.
  • Food Poisoning.
  • Premises Medical Payments.
  • Defense and Litigation expenses.
  • Fire Legal Liability.
depending on the nature of your business
       SECTION 4
    Optional Coverage.
  • Business Interruption.
  • All Risk Cover for Machineries & Equipment.