• An all-purpose, Personal Accident Insurance with coverage up to Php10,000.

  • Only Php19.00 per card!

Sometimes, accidents happen. In our daily lives, we all have our own unique set of circumstances where the unexpected may occur and cause an injury or ailment that requires medical attention. This is a worry for ourselves but for many of us, a greater concern for our loved ones.

At Paramount, we know that you care. That’s why we created Especially For You, an all-purpose, Personal Accident insurance that covers up to Php10,000 per unit of cover.

And just to really drive home the point that we know of how much you care for your relatives, friends or neighbors, we put our policy in a greeting card. Better than any singing message or pop-up, this card comes with insurance and assurance. Give your loved ones the gift of security.


An all-purpose greeting card for all occasions, Especially For You covers against accidental loss of life and dismemberment.

At only Php19.00 per card, coverage is Php 10,000.00 per unit/card and the recipient/insured may use up to 2 cards (value of Php20,000) per case.

*Limitations & Exclusion:

  1. Coverage with respect to flying is limited to loss occurring while the insured is a fare paying passenger of any commercial airline flying over an established route.
  2. Persons below seven (7) years old or more than seventy (70) years old are not eligible.
  3. Persons with hazardous occupations such as firemen, fishermen, miners, sailors, members of the armed forces, etc. are not eligible.

Attached Certificate/application must duly accomplished. The certificate must be detached and mailed to PLGIC or to its nearest Branch Office.