• Designed especially for the provider of the family.
  • Professionals from 18-60 years old that are engaged in non-hazardous or lightly-manual occupations are eligible.
  • Benefits include Accidental Death or Permanent Disablement Benefit, Sickness Monthly Indemnity and coverage for medical treatment in the event of an accident. 
In most families, there are only one or two members of the family that shoulder the majority of the financial burden. This responsibility comes with great pressure to provide for the people that you love. For every provider, we know that there is a frightening but very real concern that has occurred to you—who will take care of your family if something happens to you?  You cannot prevent accident and sickness. At any time, an accident may occur and cause serious injury that requires expensive treatment, or even worse, causes death.  But, as the Keyman in your family, you think ahead-- and so do we.  Ensure that in the event of an accident or your death, your family can be secure in the knowledge that you are being taken care of.

The Paramount Keyman Protector Insurance Plan is designed for professionally employed individuals from ages 18 to 60 years old, such as managers, lawyers, accountants or any other non-hazardous occupations. The plan also protects those engaged in light manual work such as engineers, dentists, doctors, architects, etc.

  • Accidental death or permanent disablement benefit.
  • Burial expense in the case of accidental death.
  • Medical expenses for treatment of injuries resulting from an accident.
  • Accident Monthly Indemnity.
  • Sickness Monthly indemnity.
  • Double Indemnity.
  • Murder and unprovoked assault coverage.