• Group Personal Accident Insurance for employees of businesses and companies.

  • Includes an Accidental Death Benefit, Accidental Disablement Benefit, Medical Expense Reimbursement and more.

  • Includes 24-hour protection.

To run a successful business, many different aspects have to each do their part. Technology speeds communication and deliverability, finances sustain and extend possibility and management ensures that all is done as it should be. However, at the heart of any business is the people.

At Paramount, we know that you care. Our Group Personal Accident Insurance covers your employees in the event of an accident resulting in serious bodily injury.

This coverage is a form of Personal Accident Insurance that provides compensation to individual insured members or employees of a Company or Association in the event of accidental death or bodily injury that results in permanent total dismemberment, permanent total disablement, or medical expense within the limits indicated in the policy.

The policy includes 24-hour protection, including whilst riding as a passenger in a commercial aircraft or vessel.


The Accidental Death Benefit.

  • A lump sum benefit (Principal Sum).
  • Coverage of accidental bodily injury resulting in death.
  • Coverage for death occurring within 180 days of the date of an accident.

Permanent Total Disablement or Loss of Sight, Hearing or Speech Benefit.

  • Coverage in the case of Disablement.
  • Coverage if the aforementioned afflictions prevent the Insured from engaging in gainful employment of any and every kind for the remainder of his or her life. 
  • Disablement or Dismemberment must have occurred within 180 days of the date of the accident.

Accident Medical Expense Reimbursement.

  • Covers medical expenses incurred within one (1) year from the date of the accident.
  • Covers medical or surgical treatment, hospital services, registered nurse care, x-ray examinations or use of ambulance.
  • Pays in excess of other existing insurance benefits like Philhealth, HMO and the like.

Accidental Burial Expense.

  • Provides burial benefit in the case of death due to an accident.