• A specialized Group Personal Accident Insurance that covers students.

  • Benefits include Accidental Death Benefit, Medical Expense reimbursement and Daily Cash Assistance, among others.

The managing and maintenance of a school is a serious responsibility. There are facilities for upkeep, food and health services and of course the very important business of educating future generations. As a school administrator, we also know that one of your PARAMOUNT concerns is the safety and well-being of your students. That is why we created a specialized Group Insurance Personal Accident plan especially for them.
With our Student Personal Accident Insurance, we ensure that your students are covered if an accident results in injury, hospitalization and more. And because we know that your students don’t stop being your students just because they are off-campus, our protection continues even after the last bell rings.

Whether within or outside the school premises, the Student Personal Accident Insurance program provides protection to students while traveling by any kind of public or private conveyance used for land and sea travel, and while riding as a fare-paying passenger on any commercial airline for one year anywhere in the world.

 Losses due to earthquake, tidal wave, volcanic eruption, drowning, dog bites, and snake bite are also covered.

  • Accidental Death Benefit.
  • Provides compensation for loss by physical severance or total and permanent loss of use of any part(s) of the body as a result of an accident.
  • Reimburses all the necessary medical expenses incurred for the treatment of bodily injuries resulting from an accident but not to exceed the maximum amount selected per accident.
  • Provides Daily Cash Assistance for each day for up to thirty (30) days during which the student was confined in a hospital as a result of an accident.
  • Provides burial assistance in addition to all benefits payable under the program in the event of Death within one (1) year from the date of accident.
  • In the event of a fatal accident within the school premises, the Accidental Death Benefit doubles.
  • Murder and unprovoked assault are also covered except when caused by hazing, initiations and other form of fraternity-related harassment.
  • Provides free insurance coverage for some members of the faculty (maximum of 10% of the total student population), if all the registered students avail of the program.